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Promote Better Living and Build More Business

Beauty and wellness is a crowded field, and it’s hard to stand out in a crowd. That’s where Groupon for merchants comes in. Our system reaches more people than nearly anyone else, delivering your offers right to their inbox. Groupon is more than deals. It’s how businesses stay beautiful.

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Reach the Customers You Want

53% of Groupon customers are women, with an average age of 44 and average income of $68,000. They’re moms and primary financial decision-makers, seeking ways to treat themselves and their loved ones.


Build a Loyal Fanbase

55% of Groupon’s beauty and wellness customers report intending to return to the Merchant after service, and 49% make 2+ purchases per year.

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Streamline Your Appointments

Take control of your appointments and capacity by connecting with one of our booking partners such as Booksy or Mindbody, or by using our free Booking Tool.

Groupon Helped Cactus Salon & Spa Acquire 65,000 New Customers

According to Karen Vito, Marketing Director of Cactus Salon & Spa, this successful Long Island salon and spa turned to Groupon for beauty marketing to boost customer acquisition in the face of growing competition. Groupon has helped them acquire 65,000 new customers, and Vito says a third of the clients they currently service started as Groupon customers.

Read more about Cactus Salon & Spa’s experiences with Groupon.

The Tools to Manage Your Campaign

You give your clients the resources they need to live more beautiful, happier lives. We’re giving you the tools to reach more of them. Our Merchant Center helps you build, personalize, analyze, and refine your campaigns. It’s easy. It’s self-directed. And it gets the job done.

We want you to have what you need to make lives better.

See what you get from the Groupon Merchant Center

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Campaign Manager

Self-service tools to build, personalize, analyze, and refine your campaign

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Booking Solutions

Easy-to-use integrations with our booking partners or our free Booking Tool

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Guides and support on how to set up and run your campaign

Did You Know...?

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Business Resources for Wellness & Beauty Marketing

Groupon has worked with over a million merchants, and we know a thing or two about the beauty and wellness industries. We know what it takes to grow a small or medium business. And we want you to have that knowledge. 

Let’s work together to help small businesses thrive. See what our expert resources have to offer.

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