Groupon’s Privacy Center

Groupon takes your privacy and security very seriously, and we are deeply committed to maintaining your trust and confidence. Three key pillars we have for protecting your privacy include Transparency, Customer Control, and Accountability.

We want to explain to you as clearly and transparently as we can how we use information we collect and receive about you.
  • Our Privacy Statement explains:
    • The categories of data we collect about you and why we collect them.
    • How we use that data to provide a more customized Groupon experience that you’ll find valuable.
    • How and why we receive or share your personal data.
    • How and where you can exercise more control over the use of your data and exercise your individual rights.
  • Our Cookie Policy describes why we use cookies and related technologies and the choices available to you.
Customer Control
Customer Control
We respect your individual rights under the GDPR and give you control over how your customer data is used.
  • You can:
    • Update your account and manage your email communication settings.
    • Request access and make corrections to your personal data.
    • Request an electronic copy of your personal data for portability.
    • Request that we delete your personal data.
    • Request to restrict processing of your personal data.
    • Object to processing of your personal data.
We hold ourselves accountable to meeting our high standards for privacy and data security.
We have a Data Protection Officer who is dedicated to assisting Groupon in its commitment to protect customers’ personal data.